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alex-picContent is my passion. I’m Alexandra Krasne: consultant, editor, journalist, video maven, web 2.0 geek, and grammar freak. I’ve been a journalist for 15 years, published everywhere from Wired to PC World to CNN.

To learn the reason I named this blog Editors without Borders, I’ll have to take you back in time a few years when I was a managing editor at nonprofit TechSoup. So often, the editorial team I managed saw nonprofit websites that bore confusing language, difficult-to-navigate site architecture, and undecipherable mission statements. We saw it as our duty to help those organizations craft content — because you can’t save the world without good content. I later learned that this content issue was more widespread, hitting Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere, and websites of organizations around the globe.

And, here I am today launching the Editors without Borders blog and content company Ark Works, Inc. (Our website will be up soon.) It is my mission to help everyone create better content, craft clear and concise messaging, and to ensure that bad content doesn’t get in the way of your dreams or goals.

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