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Viral Videos and You

Nothing can replace a good book, but text has its limitations — especially on the Internet where content is rapidly evolving. A video paints a picture that text never can, no matter how gifted the author or expansive the reader’s imagination. That’s why I’ve been training myself in the fine art of video, both the editing and the shooting part. You should, too.

I admit I’m no Orson Welles, but that’s kinda the point. The barrier to entry is lowering dramatically: a $200 Flip video camera, a Mac with some video editing software, a bit of patience, and You Tube is all you need to be a “professional” video person. Even if you’re a professional in quotes, video these days is simple and has that homemade feel. Case in point:

A Sunday afternoon playing basketball with my husband can turn into something (arguably) entertaining and tell a story. Watching a mini movie sure beats telling someone, “We shot some hoops on Sunday in San Francisco at a park.”

(If you want to see more of my videos, the professional ones, many can be found on the Cisco Channels blog I manage.)


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